Paper Calendars

Basic Time Management Calendars

Whether it has one page per day, or one page per month, these schedules are simply a place for you to write down your appointments.

Wall Calendars

You've all seen these before - they have the days of the month on the bottom and some pretty or inspiring, or humorous picture on the top. And if you usually have only one or two events on any given day, that may be all you need. If you schedule most of your events from one location, like your cubicle at work, you can use a fairly large one and leave it there. Most people will want a smaller one that will fit in a purse, backpack or even a back pocket.

Where to get it
If you look around, you can find them almost anywhere - grocery stores, coffee shops, hardware stores. But if you don't have the time to shop around, they're at almost all bookstores and office supply stores, or you can shop online. During November and December, there are also usually kiosks at the mall devoted exclusively to datebooks and schedulers. If you can wait until mid-January, most places will sell this year's calendar for half off, but don't use saving money as an excuse to not write your schedule down.

If you don't want to pay anything, shop around for people who want to put advertising on your wall. Often you can get one for free from your plumber, your realtor, or your mechanic. Or for the ultimate in simplicity, you can just print off one of .

Basic Day Planners

Conceptually this works much like a wall calendar, but with more spaces for each day (good for people who have appointments with clients, meetings throughout the day, or anything else that has to happen at a particular time).

Where to get it
Around Christmas/New Year's, you may be able to find them at the same kiosks at the mall who sell the basic picture-on-the-wall monthly schedules (see above). You can often find them at bookstores, sometimes at grocery stores, and pretty much always at office-supply stores. As with everything else, & Google are safe bets. And as with wall calendars, you may be able to pick one up for free - check with your plumber, mechanic, realtor, or mortgage broker to see if they give them out.

Day Organizers

These systems are more than just a calendar, although the schedule may constitute the bulk of your pages. They're generally designed to do pretty much the same things as a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) including Task Lists, Contact Management, Notes and so on, so you might call it a PAA (Personal Analog Assistant). As with their electronic counterparts, you can get "apps" (in this case represented by bundles of pages) for almost anything else you might want to track.

Franklin Covey Organization System

This is a do-it-yourself day planner in which you get to pick your binder, and the style of pages you want. You can choose between having one week per two pages (so when you open your book to any given page, it shows Mon-Wed on the left page, and Thur-Sun on the right), one day per page, or one day per two pages. You also have options regarding how much of each page is devoted to your schedule, how much to your task list, to planning your day, to tracking whatever you might wish to track, and so on. In addition, they have apps for keeping track of almost anything else you could want: contact list, grocery list, project management, exercise, other people's schedules, you name it. Each size binder also has packs of plain paper if you're a doodler, or if you want to design your own form.

Where to get it
Franklin Covey's Home page or use their search function to find a retail store near you.

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