Time Management Myths

Myth #1: I'm just a disorganized person

Truth: a lot of times people try to use organizational systems that don't suit them or their lifestyle. When an on-the-go saleswoman tries to keep her calendar on her desktop at home, of course she forgets to write down appointments. When a stay-at-home Dad tries to keep his schedule as rigid as it was when he worked in a cubicle farm, of course things never go according to plan. The failure isn't in the situation or the person, it's in the choice of system for that situation or person. This site provides options you may not have thought of, so you can hopefully find one that fits your needs.

Myth #2: The right organizational system will make me organized

Truth: this myth is a true statement (see #1, above) taken to an extreme that makes it false. A good organizational system will suit your preferences, meet your needs, and be convenient to use. But it will do you no good if you don't use it. There is nothing this website can do to make you actually write things on your calendar, follow your schedule, or take ten minutes in the morning to make a to-do list. Those decisions are entirely up to you.

Myth #3: Organization = Tyranny

Truth: There are some people (me) who like putting things in a prearranged order, making lists, and filing things. If you also enjoy that, by all means use a complex and intricate time management system. But if you don't enjoy that, you can still be organized. You just need to use the simpler, more flexible time management systems. May I recommend quick-and-easy project setting and a basic Smart Phone for the implementation of Zen-to-done?

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