Make Your Own Time Management Solution

A time management solution is a set of tools and techniques that you use in order to use your time effectively.

This means that you have one right now, even if it's the ever-popular but oft-lamented "try to keep everything in my head and put everything off until the last minute" solution. I'm guessing, though, that you're here because your dissatisfied with your current solution in some way. (If not, please contact me and tell me why you are here. I'd like to know)

What this site does

Whether you have a terrible time-management solution or a great one that needs tweaking, I have information to help you improve. This site is a guide that discusses the following aspects of managing your time effectively:

  • Project Management - this may not seem immediately relevant, but the fact is that you can't use your time "effectively" until you have some idea of what constitutes "effective". I recommend starting here under most circumstances.
  • Time Management Systems - these are the "rules" that help you to make progress on your projects by helping you to track and prioritize what needs to be done. This page also includes a list of lifehacks that can be tacked on to most systems, and can help to solve specific problems. None of it will help you decide what needs to be done in the first place, so I recommend not starting on this section until you've read Project Management (unless your projects are already well-defined).
  • Schedule Tracking - also commonly known as your time-management calendar, this tool helps you remember to do certain things at certain times. Since it's difficult to schedule events until you know what needs to be done, I recommend not starting this section until you've read Project Management (unless you are happy with your time management solution and are simply having trouble remembering events).
  • Task List Tracking - also known as your to-do list, this tool helps you remember the things that need to be done, but not necessarily at a particular time. A great deal of any System involves manipulation of your task list, and of course it's the job of Project Management to put things on the task list in the first place, so I recommend those two sections before this one (unless you are happy with your time-management solution and are simply looking for advice on how to keep and sort your task list).

Your solution needs to be unique to you, because you have a unique situation. So I can't tell you what specific techniques will be best for your business, family, or lifestyle. Instead I offer a summary of time management ideas, and an explanation of where they work best. It's up to you to build your own outline -- to decide which project system, which schedule-keeper, which task list methods work best for you.

Ready to go? Download the Design-your-own-solution worksheet module.

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