Time Management Life Hacks

Tricks & Tips to improve your productivity

Sometimes your time management system is fine, you just need a little nudge to keep you focused or to get you started.

"Life Hack" is borrowed from computer technology, where it means "a trivially-sized program to accomplish a small, specific task." Life Hacks are small techniques for solving a small, specific problem.

I'm having trouble focusing on the task at hand

This often happens when you have a task that you really despise -- filing falls into this category for a lot of people, and telephone calls fall into it for me.
Suggested Hacks:

I keep getting interrupted, and when I turn back, I can't remember what I was doing

Sadly, this happens to almost everyone, so often that many of us believe it's normal. Possible life hacks range from learning how to get back in the groove to blocking out distractions entirely.
Suggested Hacks:

I have trouble remembering what I was going to do next

Especially after a meeting or a break, you can often find yourself staring at the pile of papers on your desk, trying to remember what the next step was. To save yourself having to analyze the situation again, every time, try one of the following…
Suggested Hacks:

I'm OK at completing one task, but once it's done I have a hard time starting the next one

This is usually the result of one of the following: you dislike starting tasks, or you haven't yet planned out what needs to be done. If the following hacks don't help, you may simply need to go back to step 2 of project planning.
Suggested Hacks:

I have trouble figuring out what to do at any given time

This is one of the most common problems people have with time management, and it's a doozy no matter how you look at it. You have a limited amount of time to accomplish an ever-growing list of tasks, and some will have to fall by the wayside. But which ones?

The thing is, the problem of how to assign limited resources to a greater selection of possibilities is a very difficult problem. Good strategy games are based on this sort of problem precisely because there is no one, good, answer (so that the game is different every time you play). Cryptographic systems have been based on problems like this because computers are so very bad at solving them. So don't feel bad if it seems to you like a difficult question.

The good news is that human brains are actually much better at solving this problem than computers are. The primary thing you need is a framework for helping you do so. The following life hacks are designed not to solve the problem for you, but to help you figure out how to think about the problem.
Suggested Hacks:

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